Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Great Week!

Well, this week has been full and eventful.  Here's the fun I had--in no particular order of awesome.
For starters, we finally had warm summer weather here in Oregon--and my golden potatoes are growing nicely!  I am so looking forward to finally being able to get in and garden after all this rain (not complaining about the rain, because it saves me from lugging the hose around, so that's a good thing--just need a few breaks so that I'm not out trying to dig in the mud).

Then, I got to go see my little cousin dance in her ballet recital--talk about adorable and precious! (And the grilled salmon sandwich at Red Robin with strawberry lemonade was pretty good too.)  Afterwards, I got to help tuck both little girls in and tell them stories and pretend that we were "really trying" to be quiet and not giggle.  Yeah right.  I'd keep 'em if their parents would let me.  :)

I've been having fun working on my S.T.U.D. (Swap Til You Drop) quilts--can't wait to post pictures for you to see!

I received a sweet little mini quilt from one of my S.T.U.D. partners (see earlier post).  Still admiring it with ohs and ahs.  I just can't get over how tiny some of the pieces are!

I found some great old quilting magazines and interesting stuff at the local thrift store.  Check out my haul of awesome:

I'd say more, but some of it has to do with swap goodies, so my lips are sealed.  I will however post photos and give information about items once they've been received and I can be sure of not spoiling the surprise.

A friend came down for her birthday and my sister and I made her a cut-out cake (I think her first one ever).  She likes to hunt mushrooms so it was a big mushroom!  (Okay, okay, we got a bit crazy with the sprinkles--but it's a cake after all!

Oh, and the little holes were where the candle were--which, by the way, she blew all out on the first try.  (Hmm, wonder what she wished for...)

Let's see, what else.  Oh, yeah...


Here's the calmer version:  I was selected to participate in the elite virtual doll quilt swap for the ninth round. 

Go me, go me!  Oh, you're wondering what it's all about? 

Well, besides being the swap to be in for doll quilts (and we're not talking things you wrap a five-year-old's toy in, we're talking mini works of art), it is also a group of really talented and fun ladies (and gents) who have secret swap partners who they send a lovely little quilt to (and usually some other goodies too) after working on them for a few months.

I just got the email letting me know who I will send to---sorry, can't tell--it's top secret!  (No, really, it is--you can be thrown out for blabbing!)  But I will give sneak peeks as I create.  I don't know who has my name so I can't tell you that either. 

Now is the part where I "cyberstalk" my victim partner for ideas about what he/she likes in order to gather inspiration for my creation!  (insert evil scientist laughter)  Basically, reading blogs, checking out Flickr favorites, etc. to find out who they really are and what they might like--honestly, no real criminal or psycho behavior will take place, promise!

This coming week, I've got fabric all over the place, three mini quilts to finish this month, dehydrating bananas to rotate, vegetables to plant in a garden that needs to be cleared and historic photos to restore!  But, Stars has been a good sport through all the busy craziness of the week--time for something special for the border collie.  (I wonder if he'd want some fat quarters...oh wait, that's me.)

Have a great week!

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