Sunday, February 26, 2012

When I'm not sewing...

I'm supposed to be making a table runner...and a mini quilt...and a slip from the 1912 Project...and museum cards (actually I did this already)...and a brochure.  But sometimes, I've just got to take a break from even my favorite things--to do one of my other favorite things.  Baking! 

That's right, I love cooking and baking.  Food just tastes so much better when you make it from scratch.  (Not that I'm opposed to things like eating out occasionally and those fudge covered mint creme oreos.)  I love trying new recipes too.

My sister recently found an absolutely delectable recipe online.  It's so easy.  Take two slices of pound cake.  Butter one side of each.  Take a square of your favorite chocolate (I can recommend the 50% Dark Lindt).  You'll want a griddle/frying pan on medium heat.  Put one piece of cake butter-side down.  Chocolate next.  Then the other piece of cake, butter-side up.  Cook like you would a grilled cheese sandwich.  Serve with fresh fruit and whipped cream.  (Or, if you just happen to be all out of strawberries--so missing June--just whip out the Redi-whip and give it a squirt or two.)

I should warn you--this is addicting.  Especially once you start trying different chocolates and pound cakes.  Yum on soo many levels!

But then I got to much better would homemade pound cake taste.  So off I went searching for a great recipe--I found this one on Allrecipes to try.  Total hit, oh yeah.  The main tip is to have your butter, cream cheese and eggs at room temperature.  This recipe is easy and tastes great.  In fact, after making this yesterday this is all that remains:

That was once a bundt pan size cake.  In fairness, we do have five adults here, four of which are chocolate lovers.
 I also found two new food sites that look very promising.  The foodgawker and Cooking Classy.

I also wandered over to the garage sale/fundraiser for some of our junior high kids and found me an almost-full bolt of Waverly fabric.  It's green, striped, kind of twill type, and best of all, only cost $5.  I think Stars is about to get some new bedding for his spot under my sewing table.  :)
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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Whew, got all my partners matched up--just have to click send! 

Better yet, I got my partner email today!!!  Can't wait to find out more about my partner and design a quilt to fit.  This round has a couple of new requirements which I think will really push me creatively.  First, incorporate a solid (non-white) into the quilt, doesn't have to be the background.  Second, each swapper has to choose one of five blocks (flying geese, log cabin, churn dash, drunkard's path or New York beauty) and somehow work that block into the design.  Once again, this round requires at least six blocks in the quilt--of course, they didn't say how those blocks need to be, so you know I'm probably going to color outside the lines.

Round 12 also has some added fun for everyone who is a member, not just those actually swapping this round.  Right now is the Polka Dot Piggies mug rug contest---there will be some lovely fat quarters and such for various prizes.  I'll be making my piggies mug rug while thinking about what I want to design for my partner.

Have a great night--POLKA DOT PIGGIES!!
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