Monday, March 1, 2010

A Very Special Apron Part 2

Mom brought me a tracing of Lil' Miss' current apron.  I've outlined it in green marker so that you can see it better.  Not the biggest apron in the world is it?  Small items require special attention to color blocking and design as each item makes a definite impact on the overall look--nothing hides.

I did some basic sketch lines with preliminary ideas on this tracing to help me get a feel for a pattern layout.

Here you can see the penciled lines a bit better.  I'm working out the details of the collar which needs to be high enough to protect from food dribbles and have shoulder support to keep the apron in place without armholes or waist ties.  You can see two different necklines--one with a rounded neck and one that is straight across.  I plan on using two coordinating fabrics on the apron.  I think I'll sketch up some croquis to give a better visualization after I find some fabric.  Depending on what is available, I may alter my pattern ideas.
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