Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Handbag Contest Part 1

Alright, I officially entered the PatternReview March Handbag contest!  I'll be making a couple of Amy Butler bags for doorprizes (one of each style per week, so four handbags) at the Spring Tea hosted by the Scappoose Historical Society.  I've been wanting to get this pattern for a quite some time, so, lucky me, the theme of the luncheon this year is purses!  Even luckier that the contest comes right at the time I need to get it done!  I probably won't get all four done for the contest, which is only two week (yikes!) but we'll see what happens.

I chose the Amy Butler Frenchy Handbag pattern and the Amy Butler Clutch Purse (this one's a free pattern BTW). 

Here is the fabric chosen for the Frenchy Handbag, which is what I will start with.  I plan on doing both fabric versions at the same time--kind of like an assembly line.  A very short assembly line.

As you can see, I've already cut the pieces and interfacing (Steps 1-2) and stitched the interfacing to the pieces. 

Here's a closer look at the sewn in interfacing.  Step 3A, which has you baste the interfacing to the handles, pocket panels and outer main panels.

Step 3B is to mark a placement dot and then on to Step 4--making the pleats on the main panels (this is one of the little details that makes this such a cute handbag).  Here you can see where I've pinned the pleats into place prior to pressing and machine-basting them into place.

My main panels now look like this.  They have a slight dome to them (due to the stiffness of the Pellon interfacing) at the moment as I still need to press the pleats.

Next step (Step 5) is pressing of the handles and then more sewing.  With only two weeks to complete the handbag (for the contest), I'll have to work quick!

There are lots of free and commercial patterns for handbags out there--so check out the contest rules, snag a pattern and supplies, and join us crazy handbaggers over at Pattern Review for the contest!  I'd love to see you there!
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