Monday, March 1, 2010

A Very Special Apron Part 1

Okay, I've been working on my first commissioned design--well, I sort of volunteered for it and its unpaid, so it's not like you'll be seeing my designs on the next runway show--it's more like a mission.  (Cue the theme music.)  Still, it will be interesting to see how things go from idea to design to finished product.

The Client.  I actually have not met the individual this item will go to, my mom substitutes at the local school which is where she met her.  She's a little fourth grader, so, for lack of a name at present, I'll call her Lil' Miss.  Lil' Miss has a degenerative disease and is in a wheelchair with limited mobility (despite this, she is a cheerful and plucky soul whom the other children like).  She can feed herself, but it is very awkward and often causes a few drips and splatters on her clothes in the process.  The school has had a little apron for her to use--an ugly green one that makes you think bbq, yuck.  However, this apron is becoming quite stained and worn.

The Mission.  Obviously, the need here is a new apron or two for Lil' Miss to use.  My mom had arranged for another woman to make her one, but, long story short, the woman decided she wanted to have a bad attitude about something else and so left everyone hanging high and dry in several areas--including this little girl's apron (fortunately, Lil' Miss didn't know she was getting a new apron, so no hurt feelings).  So, needless to say, someone had to step in.

So I did a little research and most aprons don't provide the coverage needed for these particular circumstances, plus they require tying around the waist or sliding your arms through armholes--this won't work for Lil' Miss.  Also, I checked out options for those with disabilities--everything in that department resembles a gianormous bib. 

However, I don't want to just make some apron that is functional but ugly.  I remember 4th grade.  You still want to look good and no one wants to stand out as needing an apron just to eat without a mess.  So the mission is to create an attractive age-appropriate apron that is functional for Lil' Miss to use during lunch and class parties.  I'm thinkin' something that looks almost like a regular stylish smock--so it won't look like an apron or a bib!

Requirements.  This apron needs to be easy to put on someone who cannot lean forward very far or move their arms very well.  It must cover for spills, drips, dribbles and splatters from arms that sometimes move of their own accord.  It also must keep those drips and splatters from soaking through to the clothing underneath.  Finally, the apron should be attractive to a fourth grade girl--not babyish, not teenager.

Wish me luck!
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