Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Find of the Week: Vintage Patterns

Went to the local senior thrift store to see about a little white doll chair I'd seen before for my Etsy photos (which I'm delighted to say had dropped from $10 to $3!) and found a box of vintage patterns--lots of mens and boys patterns.  I got the whole box for only $4.  Woohoo!

Here's some closer views.  Check out those men's shirts.

There were several robe patterns.

A few of the patterns had repeats in the pattern but not in the size.  Only two didn't have the pattern sleeve. 

Only the one boy's pj pattern was a repeat in size and pattern, so I'll go through them and make sure I have at least one with all the pieces and instructions.  (Although just from quick checking it looks like all the patterns are complete.)

Check out that costume pattern in the upper left corner--Uncle Sam/Colonial.  Very cool.  I love finding these vintage and retro style patterns.  With a few adjustments and careful fabric choices, they'll be right in style with the fashions coming out.

The thrift stores often have patterns at 10 cents or a quarter.  People tend to pass them by because they don't sew or just see old patterns, but much of the old is back in style again and some of the classic styles really never went out--designers just change out fabrics and a few little details to make them look new again.  What can you find?
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