Monday, March 8, 2010

February: One Doll/Softie A Month Challenge

Well, I had grand plans of photographing my jewelry to list on Etsy today.  The weather was great--bright and sunny--a beautiful day.  Oh, except for the biting cold wind blowing through the area.  By the time I finished cleaning and setting up the spot I wanted to use I was freezing!  Now, before you think I spent hours on this, we're talking ten minutes, 15 tops.  Even Stars didn't protest too much about coming in early, and he's the king of stalling when it comes to going inside on a sunny day.  Yes, its true, I totally wimped out in the cold.

So, no photos of jewelry, but I finished up the Edith Ackley Flack baby for the doll house family--she's more like a little toddler.  She is February's challenge doll, but it took me a bit to find the "rouge" stick I use for creating rosy cheeks on my dolls.  Isn't she a cutie pie? 

And at only 4.5 inches tall, she is adorable--although quite tricky to turn and stuff.

She is completely handsewn with handpainted undies, socks and shoes.

She as a salmon pink floral cotton dress and a coordinating baby ribbon bow in her beautiful auburn hair.

Now how can you resist such a doll?  (On after thought, she kind of looks like my little cousin Paige!)  And finally my sister can stop calling her creepy because "she's faceless"--I think she heard you!
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