Sunday, January 1, 2012

Flippo the Hippo

Introducing....Flippo the Hippo!

Flippo is the latest softie coming from my sewing room.  This cutie is made from McCall's pattern M6484 and is 7" high and 15" long.  I made Flippo using some light weight home decor fabric.  This softie got brown safety eyes and a winter white satin ribbon bow.  This hippo is also squeezable as I didn't stuff completely full--after all, who wants to hug a rock!

Here's Flippo's other side--don't you just love that fabric!  Flippo has a cute little fringe tail made from the coordinating fabric also found on the belly.  So what's the secret for getting such a smooth looking body--fusible fleece (ah, if only it was that easy for humans, lol) which was ironed to all pieces except the tail.

Flippo's belly is also a pink home decor fabric.  I like the smaller print contrasting with the larger motif of the upper body.  It also hides the closure seam very well!  Overall, I love how Flippo turned out and so does my sister, the recipient of this little Christmas gift.

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  1. Love that little guy and that fabric is sooo cool!


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