Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Landscape Received

Before I get all distracted with showing you some stuff I made for a baby shower gift, I absolutely must show off the landscape quilt I received in the last swap round for S.T.U.D. (Swap Til You Drop).  My partner was quiltedoma (Andrea) and she made me this little lovely:

Pretty gorgeous, I know.  She used an assortment of lovely batiks which not only gives some landscape-ish design but also a watercolor sort of feel to the whole quilt.  Oh, and she hand appliqued it all down too!  There's also some small beads sewn on for embellishments and a touch of hand embroidery for added texture.  Plus (as if that wasn't enough work), she hand quilted this with teeny tiny stitches!  Here's a closer look at some of that hand work and embellishment.

Makes you want to run out and buy batiks, doesn't it?  The little beads add just a glint here and there when the light hits it just so.  The quilt is so much lovelier in person than what the photos can show.  The scene kind of reminds me of parts of Eastern Oregon that I traveled through on my way back and forth to college so many years ago (we won't discuss the number).

Andrea also sent along a bunch of goodies for me to enjoy.  (I know, I'm totally spoiled!)  Included in the box was some black and white fabrics (she's in my Bee White Black group, so she knows how I love bw), some fun rainbow rickrack for embellishing, lovely blue floral magnetic bookmarks with Oriental designs (love blue, love flowers, love Asian design--bingo), embroidery floss (she found out I like to hand embroider), and some European chocolate (enough said).  Even the tissue paper wrapping it all looked pretty cool--and inspired a quilt design!

Okay, so the chocolate didn't last long (although, in all fairness, I did share...some), but I will be enjoying the other goodies, and most especially, the lovely miniature quilt for quite a long time to come!  Thanks Quiltedoma, I love it all!
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  1. That's beautiful! I've had a sketch for a landscape pinned to my bulletin board for a while, but wow, my plan was no where near all of that beautiful handwork.


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