Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bee Blocks

Just a couple of quick and easy bee blocks for September to share.

First, for Bee White Black, Crystal (LemondropDezigns) asked for asterick blocks with her fabrics.  She sent enough for two just in case we messed up on something, but I didn't, and they were easy (I think I finished both in just a couple of hours--and that was with interruptions from Stars), so I went ahead and made up two for her--because who couldn't use an extra block, right!

Simple, yet effective.  Want to make this block yourself?  Here's a great tutorial from the Selvage Blog on how to make an asterick block.  The only thing I did differently was to make this block 10.5 inches as requested.

The next set of blocks were created for Sara (chickentracksetc) in the Scrap Happy Bee.  Sara requested cheerful fabrics in a four patch pattern made with 5 inch blocks.  (This is a great beginner block, btw.)  Super simple to make, these buggers whip up in no time.  Later, Sara will be sewing all her blocks together with a solid color sashing.

There is an easy way to get that center corner to match up.  Sew your squares into sets of two.  Press the seams to one side and make sure that when your blocks are open and laying flat, one set has the seam pressed left and the other set is pressed right.  Then when you lay the sets together to sew the center seam, they'll butt up together at the seam fold thus creating that perfect line up!  Try it, it really works!

And, of course, I had to use some yellow--it is the cheery color!

Ever wonder how to pick fabrics that work well together?  Well, you could go buy an entire fabric line.  But, what if you're working on a scrappy quilt like Sara is?  Here's my tip:  pick a print that you like with a few colors in it, then pick other fabrics that have the same colors.  From there you can pick out other prints that coordinate much easier by just continuing to match colors.  The first block has that cheerful donut circle pattern--the other fabrics each feature a color that was somewhere on the print (might have even been a color from some of the shading).  You could also find prints with white, yellow, turquoise, or that reddish pink from the stripes on the pink block or even some different greens from the dashed lines on the green block.  The second block, I picked that fab yellow with purple tulips fabric and coordinated another slightly different yellow, the green from the stems and a purple from the flowers.  I could have also pulled in some white or a pinkish violet to match with the other parts on the flowers.  I could also pick a different shade of any of those colors and prints with those colors.  Then, use a neutral color for the solid such as white or gray to tie it all together without competing with the prints. The possibilities are really endless with fabrics, so go ahead and try your own scrappy quilt!
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