Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friend Extraordinaire

I thought I'd introduce you to Stars--after all, I talk about him, so you should have a face to go with the name.  Here he is:

Isn't he so beautiful.  Not only is he the best kind of friend to have, but he has super powers.  Yep, I said it, super powers.

Stars is faster than a speeding bullet--or pretty close.  If he is at the far end of the yard, and you are about eight feet from the door and you say, "Let's race," he will be past you before you can turn, run to the door and grab the handle.  (Our house sits on about 1/4 acre.)  And people wonder why no one sneaks into our yard--hello, delinquents aren't that stupid!

Stars also has a super bark (And you thought only Bolt had one!)  Stars will walk up to you, where you are innocently sitting minding your own business of creating a plan to take over the known universe, and bark in your ear.  Loudly.  So loudly, in fact, that your head rings.  No, I haven't had any hearing loss yet.  Wait, what? 

His most sneaky power is his eyes.  Those gorgeous carmel colored eyes are a powerful weapon.  With just one look, Stars has the ability to do things like:
  • guilt trip you out of your last few bites of pie
  • weasel half your McDouble burger
  • get you to take him outside in the pouring rain and 50 mph wind because he might have to go potty
  • instantly forgive all the muddy footprints across the papers you were working on, because, well, it was your fault for having them on the floor
  • get you out of bed on a very cold morning to take him outside to smell every last bush and piece of grass
Some might say that this level of power would corrupt any individual, after all, look at governments, Wall Street CEOs and lawyers.  But, no.  Stars has one last gift that goes beyond all of this and protects him from becoming one of the despised of the world.

He has the most loving heart. 

If you accidently step on his hand, he gives you the kisses.  If you are working and can't go out into the perfectly lovely sunshine, he lays beside you for support in your time of trial.  And if you've been gone for more than 15 minutes, he will get crazy enthusiastic and give tons of kisses, because he missed you.

Stars, I love you.
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