Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas 2012--More Photos

Well, blogger has been unwilling to let me add images for a few days, so finally here's a few more photos from this Christmas....

We made gingerbread cookies this year, but we don't stand on tradition.

We make regular gingerbread girls and boys...

Yum! Cinnamon candies and icing make for a nice simple gingerbread man.

 ...and not so regular.

Zombies and vampires, oh my!

Our favorite recipe is an old pioneer one, only we substitute Crisco vegetable shortening for the lard.  I like how mild it is which goes perfectly with cocoa or cider.

Mom piping out the requests.

Lots of presents all around.  We had a really great year and everyone was very generous and thoughtful.

Everyone got presents this year...

...a new outfit for Kara,

This adorable Supergirl outfit was handmade and purchased on Etsy.  That's Krypto in the wagon, he's Kara's best friend!
 and one for Adyn too.
A retired AG outfit with a cute button down flannel shirt and corduroy pants.  That's  me right behind her in my new flannel shirt.  And of course, Stars the Little had to sneak in for the photo!

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