Saturday, January 12, 2013

First two bee blocks of 2013

2013 is off and kicking--and I've already got my two bee blocks done!

The first went to craktpot (Teri) in the Bee White Black quilting group.  Teri sent some great architectual fabric and a lovely one with a caged raven on it (LOVE this one) to be used in her block.  I couldn't help but think:  Steampunk!  Our instructions were to avoid curves, circles and really wonky lines but use rectangles, squares and slightly off lines (like a pencil line that is hand drawn and went a little off).  Think mild Gees Bend style.  I have a hard time breaking out of straight lines for these type of quilt blocks, but I did make some deliberately slightly off.

Not quite all straight lines--its a control thing.

The second block went to Ursi (by niveas) in our Sew Buzzy group.  She sent out some fabulous Tula Pink fabric and requested we make one of those Japanese + or X blocks.  We used the tutorial from City Stitches.  This one is very quick to cut and sew...unless you make the mistake I did, and sew the X parts in wrong and make an O instead!  Oh well, nothing a little seam ripper time can't fix.

This one makes a great scrappy block!

What have you started off with in 2013?
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  1. Great job! It is just a little more fun with great fabric, too. :-)


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