Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pillowcase Bags for Brother

I had my brother's name for Christmas this year and decided to make him a bag for all his adventures.  But, then he sent a list of ideas, none of which were bags.  Well, I'd already bought the fabric and hardware, so he was just going to have to live with a bag.  Still, I wanted him to have something he wanted so I saw the custom pillowcase idea and went with it.  (Apparently he has some odd size pillows due to a groupon purchase by an ex-girlfriend.)

Well, I'd just finished watching the two free bag making classes on Craftsy (which you should definitely check out) and one of them was on a lined drawstring bag---bingo!  So with measurements of the weird pillow in hand, I calculated out what I hope is the correct dimensions for manly pillowcases. 

Yes, that is my foot in the corner!  These sheets are soft and have a kind of sheen to them.
I used two twin size sheets for these and had some of each leftover.  I picked navy and chocolate brown as colors as they would go with whatever sheets he has, don't look grungy as fast and are "manly" colors.  (Apparently he didn't want the polka dots, hehe.)  Also, sheets are pretty thick and sturdy for multiple washings and where he goes to a laundry mat (and is a single guy) I figured anything remotely resembling a delicate or casual cycle is nowhere to be seen.

The inside is reversed with chocolate for the main part and navy for the stripe.  The blue side has the drawstrings.  This makes them into pretty sturdy fabric bags that can be used for things like stuffing the bedding in when going to the laundry mat.  Not a bad idea for college kids either.

So, there you go--four pillowcases that take up the space of two!
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