Saturday, June 9, 2012

RATZ Swap--Key Fob

I received my key fob from the RATZ swap earlier this month (hey, it's only day 9).  My little fob came all the way from across the ocean in Norway!  That's a long way to travel!

Made for me by Synnoeve (Synnovekri), this key fob is full of hand crafted goodness.

We weren't supposed to include extras, but the fabric and ribbon were what she "wrapped" it in, sneaky girl!

This is a really cool style that is starting to show up here and there.  (I think a lot of it started from the Japanese craft books on the market these days.)  The keys actually hook to a clip that's hidden inside the key fob.  The clip pulls down through the bottom to use the keys, but then for the rest of the time you pull the wrist loop on the top and the keys are pulled up inside--no rattling around when walking or scratching up phone screens in a purse.  So simple, and yet, genius!

The reverse side is a liberated or wonky log cabin in black and white and red fabrics.  (And we all know how I love me some black and white fabric!)  There's also a small metal charm tag that says "Handmade" near the bottom, a very clever touch!  You can see the hand crocheted wrist loop cord with the adorable little fish and bell at the end.  She didn't even know how much I like the sound of little bells, coolness!

I love that the log cabin block is angled and wonky.  Also, the use of the bits of linen colored fabric in with the black and white really makes this dynamic and pulls in the crocheted lace edging and cord.

The front side is just plain gorgeous!  A hand embroidered butterfly and floral design are front and center in multi-colored floss.  Her stitching is, by the way, impeccable.  There's also a little red heart button, so cute!  And, as if all that weren't enough work put into one little key fob...there's hand crocheted lace edging along the bottom!  I can't crochet worth a thing, believe me, but I love crocheted lace, so this was just icing on the cake.

A linen fabric makes the perfect background to show off some lovely embroidery work!

Synnoeve really nailed this--embroidery, crocheted lace, little bell to hear when I walk, butterflies--she's either slightly psychic or a very good "stalker" of swap partners.  Hmm...

No more stuffing my keys into pockets creating unsightly bulges, nope!  Now, they will dangle from my wrist in style!
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