Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fun Packages in the Mail

Well, the school year has come to a close--finally!  I love the kids, but I also love having the summer off (although the lack of a paycheck isn't quite so enjoyable)!

This year has been especially stressful as I have some mean spirited, down-right snotty co-workers to deal with who add a lot of stress to what should be a simple fun job.  Go figure.  Maybe they should get a hobby so they can occupy themselves in a more positive manner.

Anyway...after a crap-tastic week of work, I came home to some packages in the mail.  The first was a winning from the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day---some fabric, who doesn't cheer up with fabric?  I won this over on A Quilt and a Prayer blog.  Teresa is a great person and her blog is fun to check out.

I haven't decide what to make yet.  Maybe a thread catcher or a Hoop Travel Bag.  Hmm...

As if that wasn't fun enough, I also had another package.  This one actually surprised me because I wasn't expecting it at all.  It was from Alexandra408, who I had sent a quilt to in DQS12.  She had sent me a lovely Thank You package!  (And she had already thanked me in Flickr!)  Some fabric, a cute notebook (always needing those), and look at that adorable bird design she made.  It's already hanging on my wall!

The bird design is made of felt, in case you were wondering, and hand stitched.
But, the part about these packages that really made my day--the lovely notes included!  Each was so kind and thoughtful, it really touched me, especially after a long week of dealing with petty co-workers.  I admit, I'm not one to normally write long notes.  You want long, find one of my sisters.  You want short and to the point, that's me.  (Not that I don't send a good thank you note, email or message--I never skip that!  I just tend to run into writer's block when writing notes, so they tend to be short.)  These notes were from two ladies who took the time to write something extra when they didn't need to.  I'm thinking I need to be better with my note writing, because it does mean something to the person receiving it.

So thank you Teresa and Alexandra--you totally made my week!
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  1. What a great thing to get lovely notes/packages on a crap-tastic week!:) Sorry you have to deal with yuck at work!
    Not sure I'm ready for Summer....supposed to get to 94 today!!:o


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