Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sun Rays Quilt Blocks

Another set of quilt blocks done and sent to their new home--I'm slowly but surely catching up!

These two are from a Twin Fibers tutorial and are called Sun Rays.  These ones were made for Jordan (bjsmurthwaite) over in our Bee Scrappy quilting group.  She requested a scrappy mix of blues, aqua, turquoise, green, and purple with a white center.

These blocks were pretty simple, although I think mine took longer because I kept checking my angle alignment on the borders as I went.  It's pretty easy to get the angle off or to not have the strips lined up so that they cover the entire way, but go slow and follow all the tutorial steps for the first one and the second will be twice as fast.

Fortunately, I have quite the stash of blue fabrics.  I made one with strips slanting right and one with strips slanting left as she plans on alternating them.  I think this quilt will be quite striking when finished.

The first one:

The second (the blue-greens seem to show more blue-ish here):

Overall, despite the time it takes to cut all the strips, align, sew, press and repeat for each strip on each border, I think this block is very attractive and would make a lovely pillow showcasing some applique or embroidery.  An entire quilt would be phenomenal, but definitely would take some dedication!
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