Saturday, April 30, 2011

My New Mug

The principal at the local elementary school where I work gave all the staff an appreciation gift recently--a lovely handmade mug with our names on the back!  The mug was made by Mitch & Michelle Deaderick right here in Oregon.  The blue has a lovely undertone of cobalt and it is a perfect size and shape for holding.  Isn't the handle beautiful?  I just love the little thumb rest on it!

Pretty cool isn't it?  Somehow, yes, my cocoa does taste better in a handmade mug with my name on it.  (Guess I'll have something gorgeous to put on my mug rugs now.)
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  1. Your name is Otto?:) Hahaha!!:)
    Yes, that is a beautiful mug...a good handle is the most important thing and that one looks perfect because there is also enough room to put your hand inside to hold the whole mug and warm them!:)

  2. Such a funny girl you are! LOL ;)


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