Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today is our day to reflect upon all that has been given to us--all the good things in our lives.  It's true, we often get caught up in the things going wrong with our lives, the economy, jobs and such.  Today, though, is different.  Sure we hide the holiday behind piles of mashed potatoes and slices of pumpkin pie, scoreboards and parades, but there is more to it--and we all know it!  We surround ourselves with friends and family (at least as many as we can stand for the day) and we do something many Americans have become woefully slack in doing--we talk to each other.  We're actually face to face talking, not tweeting, not texting, not IMing.  For those who live far away, we pick up the phone and use our voices to reach across the distance.  We interact with each other in person, whether it's in the kitchen, playing football (or watching it), or any other number of terrific traditions. 

To me, Thanksgiving is the most appropriate beginning to the holiday season.  We pause before the hectic shopping, the parties, the stress of finding gifts.  Here is our moment to review our lives, our year, and find the good.  Then will begin a season of giving, hopefully with the spirit of love and generousity.  Hopefully, not so much materialism, but rather giving that truly makes a difference in the life of another.  And after a month of trying to put some of that good into the lives of others, we face the new year where we evaluate ourselves and make goals to change.  Thanksgiving is the beginning to a season where we try to be better individuals in this world.  Sure, tomorrow will be crowds and insanity as we try to save some money, but today--today is good.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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