Monday, October 18, 2010

Strings, Gnomes and Birds

Here's a peek at the last of September's bee blocks (I know, posting way late).

First, a string or strip block for neshamamama in the Moody Blues quilting bee.  Check out those lovely batiks she sent to use.  All strips were sent pre-cut, we just had to pick where they went and sew them in.  A couple of my center strips were not quite the full 2-inches which caused them to end up not quite as wide as the others, so not lining up as nicely.  But, I think once the block is in with the others it won't be super noticable.  Careful cutting gives best results, but in the end, quilting isn't about perfection, its about art and creation of something loved.

The last two blocks for September both went to Kendra in the Bee Scrappy quilting bee group.  Kendra is making a quilt for her 9-year old son and requested scenic blocks with white backgrounds and images of houses, gnomes, birds, woodland and whimsical.  She made this inspiration mosaic for us as a guide. 

My first block is a forest with a gnome based on one of the quilts she had in the mosaic (she actually had it twice, so I figured she really liked it).  The pattern is my own version, created with the use of Electric Quilt 6, and it is a paper-pieced one.  It was actually really easy to do.  I like how it turned out.

For the second block, I created a whimisical bird block.  This one is my own design, also made in EQ6, and paper-pieced.  It needed lots of tweaking, even made me feel a little bit crazy, but I think in the end, it works. 

I'll be putting both block patterns on the blog for everyone to try later.  I want to make another one of the bird ones with all my adjustments to make sure it turns out perfectly.  (Don't you just hate spending time on a block only to find out part way through that something doesn't work out like you were hoping?)  So, keep an eye out for them--then you can start your own whimsical woodland quilt!
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