Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Flying Geese Blocks

Another request for flying geese quilt blocks--this time with some color!  In my Sew Buzzy quilting group, Melinda (quirky granola girl) asked us to make her flying geese blocks--our choice--using her gray fabric as the background and the various colors for the geese.  She sent a lovely assortment of blues, greens, yellows and oranges.  Because one of our group members went MIA on us, I decided to make her two, so she wouldn't lose a block to someone else's failure.  (Don't worry, we found a great replacement--although we are still waiting for the MIA member to return 3 months worth of blocks/fabric.  Not cool!)

My first block is from the pattern Tradewinds found on Quilter's Cache (an excellent source of free block patterns, BTW).  I actually drew it in EQ6 (Electric Quilt 6) so that I could play with colorings as all of the pieces sent were smaller, so I needed to plan out where I put each fabric in the block.  (You could do the same basic thing with graph paper if you didn't have the software.)

The second block I chose was the Starshine pattern, also from Quilter's Cache.  I did add some fabric, the yellow, from my own stash simply because at this point I didn't have enough of one color for all the needed parts (Melinda was only expecting one block after all).  I chose a yellow that had tones coordinating with the other yellows she had sent.  I also ended up adding a thin gray border because the block printed out to only 11.5 inches instead of the 12.5 inches, despite setting the print choice to 100%--sometimes printers are just obnoxious.  This one didn't have a 1 inch square on it to check measurements, so I didn't know this until it was finished, grr. 

I really liked these colors together, and I admit, the gray trend is slowly growing on me.  Both blocks ended up looking pretty good, although, I would not recommend them for beginning paper-piecers, particularly the Starshine block.
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