Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scappoose Historical Society's Spring Tea

Well, you've seen the bags, so I thought you might enjoy some shots of the decor at the museum where the Tea is held.  This year's theme was--you guessed it--purses.  So everything from the tickets to the centerpieces to the rooms is decorated with purses and handbags.

The tickets were pink for one week and green for the other.  These lovely die-cut three dimensional paper creations were put together by ReAnna Sharp, the president of the Scappoose Historical Society and my mum.  (She's super artsy and was in charge of most of the decor and such for the Tea.)

The luncheon is held in an historic home that's over 100 years old.  You can see one of the tables set up--even the napkins were folded like purses!

The centerpieces were chocolates made in molds shaped like various purses.  Here you can see the coloring and lovely patterning on the pieces.  (There was oohing and aahing over these little gals.)

And a couple of shots of the decor throughout the museum.  The first shows an old fan and opera glasses with the purse--check out that bling!  The second was a beautiful black beaded handbag with a turquoise silk scarf and matching glass perfume bottle.

I wasn't able to stick around for food shots, but here is a shot from the kitchen where they were preparing to dish up the first course.

In all, its an elegant little event in the town of Scappoose, Oregon--and if you've ever been here, you'd know, there's not a lot of elegant to go around.  If nothing else, you learn to appreciate culture when you find it--and create some when you can't!

I hope you all enjoyed this Mother's Day with loved ones, and if you're ever passing through Scappoose, stop and tour the Watts House Pioneer Museum, you'll be glad you did.
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  1. Lovely photos, as always. And the event was fun. Food was delicious, decorations were beautiful, the fashion show was a treat...and of course, it was a wonderful opportunity to support the museum and learn more about the town's history.


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