Friday, May 14, 2010

A Quick Doll Blanket

I finished sewing up a little doll blanket from leftover scraps of another project.  It's all flannel--front and back.  Just a nice super-easy little project.  A lazy day project--you know, those days you feel like you ought to do something constructive, but can't motivate yourself for that hand applique quilt or tailored jacket.  This also is the perfect little beginners project.

(Thanks sis for holding it for me--I was feeling too lazy to set up a nice shot.)

Want to make one yourself?  Here's how: 

1.  Cut 3.5 inch squares of fabric (I used flannel because that is what my scraps were, you could use cotton, silk, whatever.).  You don't need them to coordinate--mine do because I had been working with a bunch of pink flannels at the time.  I also add in a few vintage pieces from my stash to increase the amount.  You'll need 56 for this size doll blanket.

2.  Arrange in a pleasing way (really, whatever looks good to you).  You'll want 7 rows of eight squares.

3.  Sew squares together.  I go row by row and then sew rows together.  Press each row before sewing it to another row.  I like to press the seams in opposite directions for each row (so odd numbered rows press all seams to the left, even numbers to the right).  When all rows are attached, press the entire thing--flannel stretches a bit so, while you don't have to baby it, be a bit careful not to stretch it out of wack.

4.  If needed, clean up any edges that need to be evened back up with a small trim.  You want nice straight edges.

5.  Cut out the backing.  For this one I used a 22 inch x 25 inch piece of flannel.  When working with flannel, because it does stretch, I like to give myself a little extra wiggle room and then trim the small excess off.

6.  Sew the backing and front together--right sides facing in.  Leave a 4-6 inch opening on one side--doesn't really matter which (if you have bigger hands you'll need the 6 inches).  Once sewn, turn right side out.  Push out corners with a non-sharp item like a turning stick, bodkin, crochet hook, etc.  so you have nice corners.  Press.

7.  At the opening, turn in the seam allowance and pin closed.  At this point you can sew the opening closed with something like a whipstitch, slipstitch or really any one that you prefer.  I use a kind of running stitch that goes between the layers so it doesn't show as much.  Mostly, you just want the edge sewn closed without stitches showing on the top and bottom.

8.  Topstitch around the edge of the blanket.  Give it a final press and done!

See how easy it was!  If you use scraps like I did, it doesn't cost much either.  I spent less than $4 at Walmart for the backing flannel (hey, this is a kid's doll blanket, not an heirloom) and only used part of the yard.  The rest was fabric from the scrap bag and thread I already had on hand.

This makes a great little gift for a child to wrap their baby doll in or for little ones a carry around blanket for themselves, and if you're just beginning to sew, don't worry--children don't notice if it isn't perfect, they just notice that you gave them something wonderful.
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  1. What a cute doll blanket! Thanks for visiting my blog, its so fun to get to know new bloggers!


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