Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee--And a Sew Along!

Recently, some of us in the United States have been introduced to a BBC show called The Great British Sewing Bee.  I love the focus on sewing from an amateur contestant viewpoint.  (Also, the lack of snarky behavior from both participants and judges is refreshing after Project Runway.)  The show only has eight contestants and four episodes, so not a huge time commitment, but lots of fun to watch.  (And, let's be honest...using a fun British accent makes everything more interesting.)

Fortunately, some very thoughtful individuals have put the episodes on YouTube for the rest of us to watch.  (Warning:  The last two episodes have those annoying commercials in them.  Hopefully ones without them will be uploaded soon.)

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

After watching, I got to thinking.  I've always wanted to try a sew along to Project Runway, but so often their challenges don't really fit into a practical everyday sewist's life.  I mean, really, do I want a dress from the hardware store or men's stripper pants.  Nope.  No way.  But...with this show, the challenges are practical, doable, and can be done within budget.  And I can stand watching the episodes again to get details and inspiration. 

Thus, I've decided to have my very own The Great British Sewing Bee Sew Along, or The GBSB Sew Along.  I'll be taking each challenge in order but adding more time to allow for things like actually fitting the patterns to myself or a victim volunteer model (aka sisters, cousins, etc.), finding the needed clothing for alteration challenges and real life jobs.  I'm also going to try and only use from my stash, but I may need to get notions, linings, or a particular challenge fabric.  It'll definitely push me outside of my comfort zone (fly front trousers, gulp).  You can start any time, so if you're reading this a month from now, don't be shy about joining in the fun! 

Anyone want to join me?

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  1. I feel I'm talking with a kindred spirit! I just discovered the British Sewing Bee and totally love it. I may try to complete some of the challenges with you. It will depend on how time permits.

    I have enjoyed the competitors so much, it is sad to see them go. I do hope they keep the British Sewing Bee going with new competitors. This is just too much fun to watch. Like you, I do love the accents and the odd phrases here and there. Just love this show.


    1. Nice to meet you Ramona! Yes, the odd phrases always get me--I'm like, "did she just say 'chuffed'?" Cracks me up.

  2. This is a great idea. While I likely will not sew along, I will happily support those who join the challenge. Thanks for sharing!


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