Monday, May 14, 2012

Thrify Finds

I thought I'd share some of my latest finds at the local thrift stores.  Do you love thrift shopping?  I sure do, it's like a big treasure hunt that changes almost everyday!  We recently had a huge Goodwill store open just a few blocks away (I love it when things are within walking distance.) and I have been having fun going and checking things out.  (We also have a nice little Senior thrift store in town and, of course, garage sale season is starting.)  I also like pushing my creativity with some upcycling projects---like this messanger bag tutorial that I'll be trying out soon with some cargos I traded my sis for.

I just love pretty little plates.  You can use them for holding treats on a garden party table, homemade soaps in the bathroom, change holder, children's tea parties and so much more.  I'm always on the look out for a pretty plate.

Am I the only one in love with Fire King?  I love the blue and pinks the best.  This bowl is just screaming for some ice cream with fudge sauce!
I found this pattern with these three pieces of fabric inside.  The pieces are each around 1/2 yard or larger.

Doesn't look like much, an embroidery hoop and metal tin.  The tin, along with another two, had colored craft buttons inside.  I plan on painting them and then creating a pincushion in the center of each lid where the hole is.  Love having future projects planned.

I kind of splurged on this wooden drawer box.  $12.99!  Not to sound terribly cheap, but I'm a budget, so I normally don't spend that much on my thrifty shopping.  This lets me have fun shopping without wasting a lot of money.  However, I really could use a better way to store my sewing notions or thread and this will do nicely for one of those jobs.  A light sanding and then some woodburning by my talented sis, and this will be one stunning sewing box.  Update:  I found out this is one of the discontinued Ikea Moppe drawers, sadly they're harder to find now except through their UK site.
These little horses say made in Norway.  They fit nicely in the hand and would make great toys.  For now, they'll sit on a bookshelf in my sewing area.  I think I'll name them Freya and Johan.
Here's an adorable little child's ironing board!  It even folds down.  I found it for only $3.99 and plan on recovering it with something more vintage-y. 

The wooden iron on the right is actually attached to the ironing board by a cord.  The adorable little red iron is metal with a wooden handle.  My sis found it for .99 cents and when she saw my ironing board she gave it to me--thanks sis, its perfect!

Wooden village found altogether in an organza bag for $1.99.

I'm not sure what those three colored objects on the left are supposed to be, but you can see the houses, some trees, people and reindeer.

The village buildings, walkways, trees, people and reindeer herd.  A bit of touch up on paint and these will be perfect!

Okay, I'll admit, I probably didn't really need this stuff (come on, it's not like a small wooden village is essential for survival)...but I like it and am going to have fun having it and working on my upcycling projects!  What's your favorite find so far this year?

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  1. Been trying to stay away from the thrift store/yard sales this year...saving me pennies...maybe one day I can get a new sewing machine.

    I think the little blue toy with the village went with more and you could stack them and make can even stack the animals!:)

    I heart Fire King too!!:)

  2. While you might not have needed these can I just say that the village you got from $2 is available new in our local toy store and retails for $50!!!! That is AUD not USD!!!
    So a good find I think.
    I love the horses too and the ironing board. Good hunting!!

  3. That really astounds me! Thanks for the info--I guess I really did have a great find!


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