Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wizard of Oz Quilt

For the movie themed S.T.U.D. quilt swap, I was partnered with Quiltinkimmie (Kimmie).  We each picked a favorite movie and then the other created a mini quilt inspired somehow by their choice.  Well, you already saw the adorable mini based on Alice in Wonderland that Kimmie made me, so here is the one I made her.  Kimmie's all time favorite movie is Wizard of Oz--lots of inspiration off of that one! 

I created my own design and threw in lots of hints at the story of the Wizard of Oz. 

The center is hand embroidered with the basket base appliqued.  I used two vintage patterns combined plus some drawing of my own to get the design.  Of course, being the person of a four-legged myself, I had to feature the lovable hero of the movie--Toto! 

The borders were a brick layout using three different yellow tone-on-tone fabrics (Yellow Brick Road, duh)and the corners were created using one portion of the heirloom block named Kansas Star.  For a little Oz fun, I used two different poppy fabrics to create each corner.  The binding is in a dark green, hinting at the Emerald City.

For the back of the quilt, I found some of the official Wizard of Oz fabric with the blue gingham of Dorothy's dress.  I also opted to make a label that looked like a postcard.

Of course, when you're in the world of Oz, you have to do a little shopping for treats.  Here's what I sent along with the quilt for fun. 

That's a lollipop from the Lollipop Kids, a package of poppy seeds so Kimmie can start her own poppy field, a copy of a vintage Wizard of Oz quilt with embroidery patterns, a tin of Good 'N Bad witch treats (pink and green jelly bellies for choosing which witch you'll be), pink strawberry marshmallows with a copy of Glinda's Magical Puffed Rice Treats recipe (rice krispie treats) and some official Emerald City Dust.  I made up the last three myself which was a lot of fun.  (Yes, I regularly make souveniers to places that only exist in the imagination--you should have seen the Vulcan gift shop tag and toy I made for my sister to give to a friend that's a Star Trek fan!)

The only problem of the whole thing--I had way more ideas than I could make or send for this one swap!  Guess I'll have to hope for another Oz fan in a swap where the theme is open.

Enjoy your package QuiltinKimmie!
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  1. That is the cutest label that I have ever seen! Perfect and so is your stitching.

    Thanks for sharing & I am sure that she will love it!

  2. Girl Friend! You are so thoughtful. You think so much about all that you do down to the last detail of what to include in the package. Anyone that gets you as a partner is a VERY VERY LUCKY person!


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