Saturday, February 20, 2010

January: One Doll/Softie a Month Challenge

Okay, I've been working on some softie patterns of my very own.  Here is one line that I designed this December--I call them Mojo Dolls,  although my brother says I should call them Weirdies.  So, at the end of this post, is a poll--you can help decide the name of this softie line!

I made six different ones ( the prototypes were tested in December) in January, all from the same pattern, but due to materials and the nature of anything handmade, each is just a bit different--I really like that about handmade toys.  These will end up in my etsy shop later (after their official photo shoot)--kind of sad to see them leave though.  I'm considering making the pattern available for those DIYs out there, just need to write up the instructions with step by step images.

Warning:  These are just snapshots, so don't expect the world's best photos.  (Sorry, I just had a few minutes to grab some images so you could see that I met the monthly challenge.)

Green Softie

Orange Softie

Yellow Softie

Pink Softie

Blue Softie

Fuschia Softie--I had a had time getting a good photo of this one.  The fabric is a lovely fuschia/pink stretch velvet (so soft!) which has a luster to it that was just giving my camera fits in the lighting.  Can't wait to set up the correct lighting and make it look as good in the photo as in real life.

What should I name this line of Softies?

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