Friday, January 3, 2014

Raggie Girls is moving!

I've had enough of trying to deal with Blogger!  It's not that I don't love the ease of use (most of the time), the free site, and having a blog that is just for fun, but not being able to blog or having problems when I do, not having the exact look I want, and wanting to go further with this blog makes this not so much fun.  Especially now that Blogger is, once again, having compatibility issues with the latest Internet Explorer version.  (How many error messages do I need to see?) 

This just isn't working for me and I find myself avoiding my own blog--which isn't fair to my readers or myself.  When Google announced their new content use policy stating they could take and use my photos and content however they wanted, I decide that was it, I'm out of here!


After quite a bit of thought and research, I've decided to move Raggie Girls to its very own domain!  I would love it if you would join me at my new location:

It's not completely finished yet, but this old blog is transferred (I'm in the process of checking each post for needed corrections to formats and links) and the main structure is all there.  (I'll leave this blog up for a little while longer though, but won't be posting to it.)

I'm really excited about this change!  A fresh new blog (with all the wonderful old information still available) will be just the thing to get me reinvigorated with blogging.  I'm already feeling pushed to put more effort into my photography and posts!

What will the new blog have?  Besides actual blog posts, there will be pages for reviews, articles and tutorials, better layout, social media links and, eventually, my own patterns!  I'm also able to have sponsors/ads and my etsy shop linked which will be a huge help to me as I go full fledged into my crafting business.

Anywho, I hope you'll consider moving on over with me and continue to be a part of Raggie Girls.


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