Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

There's a lot, and I do mean a lot, of great deals out there.  Where will you shop?  While there are some awesome finds in stores, those lines can be nightmares and the crowds, goodness!  Avoid both with some online fun (yes, I do love the online shopping).

Here are some great places to check out (and no, I'm not a sales rep, just a happy customer):

Craftsy is offering classes for $19.99!  I'm enrolled in several (a great way to spend my RSI recovery time) and they are well produced and a fun way to take a class (because sometimes 1 AM in my pjs is the best way to learn, or at least the only quiet time).  Quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, cake making--they've got the range.  Heck, there's even a cheesemaking class on there!  Want to make a skirt--boom!  There's a class.  Learning to sew--boom!  Another class.  Modern quilt making or free motion quilting?  Well, you get the idea.

Fashion Sewing Supply is offering 15% off popular interfacings!  Those of you who've ordered from here know that Pam's interfacings just can't be beat.  There's a whole range of both sew-in and fusible, many of which are offered in both white or ivory and black.  Pick up some fusible pro-tricot deluxe and pro-sheer elegance, two of my favs.  Maybe you signed up for that shirt making class on Craftsy--don't forget the interfacing!  I like the pro-woven light crisp and pro-woven shirt crisp, two great fusibles that any shirtmaker should have on hand.  While you're shopping, get some of the elastic for skirts and pjs (I use the 3/4 inch for pjs all the time.)

Of course there are places like Amazon which runs deals all day, as well as their regular discounts on books.  (I'm such a sucker for books!) 

Patternreview has a sale going on their classes (just signed up for a couple of the online ones to try), membership fee is discounted, and they've got a sale on some of their patterns and cd/e-books!  A great community over there too!

Most of the fabric stores are having sales too.  Here's a few:

Fabric Mart
Fabric Depot (if you're near Portland, the retail location has lots of sales too)
Nature's Fabrics
Fat Quarter Shop (code "jingle" gets you 25% off) (go to their coupon corner for additional savings codes)

So check out your favorite spots (don't forget sellers on Etsy) for some great deals and have fun!

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