Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sew Along Challenge

Okay, so I decided I needed a yearly challenge (apparently I don't have enough to do already what with running a photography/design business, creating my own patterns, and organizing a week long retreat for 40 people).  Let's face it, we all get busy, what with keeping up with Facebook and all, sometimes we don't get projects completed, or even started.  So, this sew along is really about motivation and accountability.  And well, it's just a good excuse for sewing.  "Sorry Mom, can't help with the dishes, got to meet the challenge."

What is this sew along you ask?  Well, the first one (yes, there's more than one) is with quite a few other sewing enthusiasts from a terrific site called Pattern Review.  (Really, its awesome, check it out.)  They have a section in the Message Board called Sew Alongs.  This challenge is the One Garment a Month Challenge.  The rules are fairly simple:  start and finish a garment within the month (you can also finish a project that's been sitting around for a bit); must be a wearable; can be for yourself (preferrably) or someone else (lucky them); post an image of the finished garment and leave a review of the pattern on the site (you don't have to do this, but its nice for the rest of us trying to decide if we would want to use that pattern).  The point of this sew along is to get you sewing clothing, especially for yourself. 

The second sew along challenge is my own Raggie Girl Challenge.  One blanket or quilt top every other month.  Quilting and binding doesn't need to be completed within the two months (I like to send my really nice quilts to a professional long-arm quilter, so it can take a while and be expensive.) but should be done by the end of the year.  (Yes, lil' sis, I will get the binding on your quilt.)  Alternatively, if you have some almost finished quilt tops sitting around you can do two mostly finished in exchange for one new--unfinished quilts are no good to anyone!  Oh, there's one more rule.  For those of us with extensive fabric stashes,  at least 85% of the quilt top or blanket needs to be from fabric you already have in your stash.  Time to clear out the old (got to make room for new stuff).  If you're new to quilting, go ahead and buy 100%--maybe get some extra to start a fabric stash with.  The point of this challenge is to finish projects and get your creativity going as you try to use what you already have.

The final challenge is another Raggie Girl Challenge.  One doll or softie a month.  You can use any pattern and any style.  That's it.  This one's a simple one, but the point is to get you creating dolls and softies. 

It's far too easy to buy patterns and never use them or pick out materials and start but never finish.  So this year is about finishing!  Join me (yes, I'm talking to all of you, not just my two loyal blog readers) for any of these challenges, I'd love to see what you make.  As for me, I'll be posting my progress right here on Raggie Girls.  You can even follow along with the same patterns if you want!
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